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Hi, my name is Astrid. I'm a graphic designer who loves to sew!

After moving to Port Chalmers I was so inspired by the abundance of native birdlife we're lucky to experience right here in our backyard and out and about in West Harbour, that it wasn't long before I started creating artwork featuring native birds and plants with the idea of having some of those designs printed onto fabric. 

When my Mr shared my designs to our Port Chalmers community facebook page the reaction to my designs (and to the first tiny test batch of printed scarves & swaddles) was so warm & enthusiastic that I jumped in headfirst and ordered a much larger run of fabric so that I could take my handmade creations to craft markets around Dunedin.

Since then I've made a bunch of new designs, my products list has grown, and my creations are now stocked in a range of stores & galleries around the country! 

I create new designs for my product range whenever inspiration strikes (and time allows!), as well as designing bespoke prints (or a customised version of one of my existing designs) for any project or commission - large or small. My designs can be used for any printed surface (fabrics, glass, metal, paper...) so please get in touch if you have a project that you would like a special print or design for. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you purchase something... thank you! Your support of my little design & craft business means a lot.